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Herp and Green Iguana Information Collection


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Iguanas are herbivores or failovers, which means that they are plant eaters. They eat leafy greens, fruit, and fresh, uncooked vegetables that are grated and chopped to a size appropriate to the size and age of the iguana.

Make Your Iguana a Rainforest!

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FOR ANYONE WHO HAS EVER WANTED TO OWN A SMALL dinosaur, an iguana would make an excellent substitute. However, it's important to remember, destined to grow to five or six feet, the iguana is a wild creature ...some are easily tamed, some not so easily. Iguana ownership can be a labor-intensive passion which becomes much easier when you fulfill your pet's requirements.WITH THEIR necessary requirements met, an iguana can live for 15 years or more and grow to an impressive 5 to 6 feet in total length. Obviously, this is an animal you must plan ahead for, if you are to raise one properly and in good health.THE KEY to raising a healthy reptile is in creating the proper environment and following good husbandry techniques. Iguanas come from the rainforest in countries like Costa Rica, Mexico, and Guatamala and must live in a warm climate with high humidity. There are several places in the U.S. where the climate is warm enough for iguanas to establish wild ranges, Florida and Southern California are two, but usually the owner must be the one to create that necessary special environment for his or her pet. Try to recreate Iguana iguana 's natural environment in the mini-ecosystem you design for your iguana. Study the rainforest and the components that make up a rainforest ecosystem and you can create a world for your iguana that more closely resembles his natural world.REQUIREMENTS:

Iguana Behaviour

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A Day in the Life

THE GREEN IGUANA or Iguana iguana is a diurnal (active during daylight hours) lizard that lives in a tropical rainforest climate and habitat. Iguanas are found in Central and South America and in countries as far away as Fiji and Papua New Guinea. Daily life consists of finding a sunny spot to bask in, eating, and avoiding predators.