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About the Green Iguana

The green iguana (Iguana iguana) is a large, arboreal lizard from Central and South America. They are typically about 2 metres in length from head to tail and can weigh up to 5 kg. These lizards have recently become extremely popular in the pet trade—over 800,000 animals were imported into the United States alone during 1995, mainly coming from captive farming operations based in the country of origin. Despite the apparent "mass market" appeal of these animals, however, they are very demanding to care for properly over their lifetime, and the great majority will die within a few short years. If properly cared for, a captive green iguana can live anywhere from eight to 16 years. The oldest known pet iguana lived 29 years.

The house of Galahad

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The House of Galahad revolves mainly (but not exclusively) around green iguanas.

Sammy J. Eguro - Giant Green Iguana

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Marie adopted Sammy J. on August 9th, 1994. Sammy was about a 6 week old hatchling then, and about 3 inches SVL (from her snout to her butt i.e. vent). Now she is over 16 inches SVL, about 4 feet total, and weighs 7.5 pounds.

Carmen Iguana's Metabolic Bone Disease Pages

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Iguanas are NOT easy-care pets! Actually, I have yet to meet an "easy-care" pet of any species, but that's another matter. Fact is, regardless of what pet stores tell you, Giant Green Iguanas become GIANTS. They grow very large (5-6 feet), can be aggressive when adults, and require expensive equipment, time-consuming meal preparation, huge enclosures (or free-run of at least one room of your house), and lots of attention. They are not companions for the faint-of-heart or the faint-of-pocketbook!

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Henry Lizardlover photographs lizards, all of which are certainly real, alive and healthy. Absolutely NO tricks of any kind have ever been used or needed for the lizards to do this. NO photographic or digital manipulations of the lizards are ever used. What you see has been done in public live demonstrations by Henry since 1985.

Napoleon The Iguana's Home Page

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This page contains the story of Napoleons rescue from a pet store in Sept. of 1996 until now- Dec. 2003 and onward. Napoleon was a very sick lizard when we got him, and I've detailed the kind of rehab care that he had to go through to become the strong healthy iguana that he is today. Along the way I've learned a lot about iguana care, behaviour, intelligence and what a wonderful entertaining creature an iguana really is. I hope you enjoy his story and learn more about iguana care from this site.

Pet Reptile Information

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Although not appreciated by all, pet reptiles are loved by many. Few animals can inspire such tranquility.

Green Iguana Society

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In autumn of 1999, three people started talking about how there needs to be a place where people can learn about Giant Green Iguanas. This would be a place where they can find what to feed them, how to adopt one, which veterinarian to use. We wanted them to be able to get the information clearly, and easily, and not have to dig through a pile of reptile articles, or to be scared off by overzealous activists. Most importantly, we wanted the information to be correct and available to anyone who asked.

NC Iguana Rescue Association

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NC Iguana Rescue Association is a volunteer group dedicated to the care, understanding, and fair treatment of iguanas. Many of our volunteers aid in the rehabilitation and adoption of abandoned, abused, and/or neglected iguanas. There are many calls to NCIRA each year requesting assistance with placement and rehabilitation. Together with other NCIRA volunteers and allies, we strive to educate and promote understanding in the hopes that everyone will make informed decisions regarding the purchase or adoption of green iguanas.

Wong's Green Iguana Heaven

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Wong's Green Iguana Heaven

After a long period of inactivity, Wong's site is being updated again. I would like to announce that Steve Woodward of Iguana Answers has taken over as new webmaster. I will still have some input, but the site is in good hands. First update: a new list of Frequently Asked Questions in the Hot Topics section.