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Submitted by Green Iguana on Thu, 2006-01-12 10:00.

Iguanas are NOT easy-care pets! Actually, I have yet to meet an "easy-care" pet of any species, but that's another matter. Fact is, regardless of what pet stores tell you, Giant Green Iguanas become GIANTS. They grow very large (5-6 feet), can be aggressive when adults, and require expensive equipment, time-consuming meal preparation, huge enclosures (or free-run of at least one room of your house), and lots of attention. They are not companions for the faint-of-heart or the faint-of-pocketbook!

Our main goal with Carmen's page is to provide information about one specific problem in iguana care -- the deadly and 100% preventable one of metabolic bone disease -- so that we can help ensure that every year, fewer and fewer iguanas will have to go through what Carmen and other igs have.

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